WordPress is hands down the most popular and fastest growing CMS software. What started as a blogging platform, was over time developed to allow creation of really complicated websites/webshops and turned into a diverse content management system. WordPress is considered the easiest to use CMS thanks to a very user-friendly administration interface. It also has a vast number of plugins and themes which allow extension of its functionality in various possible ways.

I have started developing for WordPress back in 2010 and have since then developed multiple custom themes and plugins to support my customers’ various business needs and requirements. I have also gradually acquired licenses to over 300 themes & plugins that I can now use for my clients’ projects free of charge.

Nitty gritty

Since 2010 I have got 5 certificates from “WPMU DEV Academy” and have learned, understood and worked on all possible core and advanced concepts. Starting from basics like template hierarchy, The Loop, actions and filters I have moved towards solving very complicated problems involving versioning, WordPress REST API, transients and more. Having worked on multiple projects that were built by top WordPress professionals and less experienced developers, I have probably seen most of the best and worst practices. This is an invaluable experience that I bring to every project I work on.